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15 décembre 2010

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Morphological and agricultural assessment of sixty Moroccan populations of the genera Trifolium and Lotus (Bennani K, Al Faïz C., Thami Alami I.)

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Potential contribution fo Bird's-foot trefoil and of Alsike clover to the productivity of multispecific pastures on silt soils (Fustec J., )

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Agricultural values of Perennial Ryegrass pastures constituted by one ore several cultivars (Surault F., Barre P., Julier B.)

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Nutritional values of perennial plants in the Sahara rangelands of Algeria for dromedaries (Chehma A., Bastianelli D., Faye B.)

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Effect of the stocking rate and of the diversification of the forages on the production of the dairy cows in the region of Tizi-Ouzou (Algeria) (Bouzida S., Abdelguerfi A., Allane M., Ghozlane F., Yakhlef H.)

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Forages in Mexico : resources, utilization, research prospects (Bolanos-Aguilar E.-D., Emile J.C., Enriquez-Quiroz J.-F.)

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Phosphorus and potassium nutrition of the permanent pastures of Eastern France. Analysis of the fertilization practices of 56 field plots in Moselle (Lamy M., )

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Efficiency of the Plan for the Control of the Pollutions of Agricultural Origin in France for the recovery of the nitrate quality of waters (Manneville V., Dollé J.B., Le Gall A., Lucbert J.)

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Agriculture in upland regions is facing the climatic change : transformations in the climate and how the livestock farmers perceive them ; strategies for adapting the forage systems (Sérès C., )

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Consistency keys for an atypical farming system in Western France : all land under grass, spring calvings, and one milking only per day (Sabatte N., Fouassier A. & L.)

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