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22 juin 2012

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Possible consequences of climate changes on forage production in France. I-Estimation based on modelization and critical analysis (Ruget F., Clastre P., Cloppet E., Lacroix B., Lorgeou J., Moreau J.C., Souverain F.)

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Do agricultural practices have a higher impact than climatic variability on the soil carbon storage potential of grassland ? (Tallec T., Guix N., Klumpp K., Soussana J.F.)

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Changes in the phosphorus status of grassland in the Netherlands. Impact on fertilization recommendations (Reijneveld J.-A., Oenema O.)

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Forage Rummy : a board game for developing forage system scenarios with livestock farmers and agricultural consultants (Martin G., Duru M., Felten B., Magne M.A., Piquet M., Sautier M., Theau J.P., Thenard V.)

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Relationships between the use of land parcels in mountain cattle systems and geographical characteristics (Sibra C., Agabriel C., Brunschwig G., Garcia-Launay F., Molénat H.)

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The diversity of land use spatial organization in mountain farms : farm size and type are not the sole determining factors (Rapey H., )

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Influence of fertilization of the vegetation and production of Festuca valesiaca L. grassland (Samuil C., Popovici I.C., Sirbu C., Vintu V.)

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Effect of field wilting and conditioning of Sulla forage (Hedysarum coronarium L.) on the quality of its silage (Slim S., Ben Jeddi F.)

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Changes in soil seed bank with a Tall fescue cover (Surault F., Huyghe C., Julier B., Veron R.)

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