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07 septembre 2003

Fourrages, protéines et environnement : de nouveaux équilibres à construire
(2e partie)


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New organizations have to be found at the territorial level in order to conciliate protein self-sufficiency and the preservation of the environment (Lemaire G., Benoit M., Vertès F.)

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Self-sufficiency and food traceability in the Pays-de-la-Loire region : solutions that can be contemplated in each territory (Rubin B., Brunschwig P., Gaillard B., Mulliez P., Perrot C., Sabatte N., Tanghe T.)

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Protein self-sufficiency and the environment : the Swiss compromise (Mosimann E., Suter D.)

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Which policy for the production and utilization of protein ? Point of view of the European Commission (Prévost F., )

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Which policy for the production and utilization of protein ? Point of view of the French Ministry of Agriculture (Gomez M., )

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Conclusion : the merit of mixtures... (Meynard J.M., )

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Affiches scientifiques présentées


Differences in protein degradation among four species of forage legumes (Julier B., Emile J.C., Huyghe C.)

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Effects of condensed tannins on the protein solubility of forage legumes (Julier B., Allison G., Huyghe C., Lila M., Morris P., Robbins M.)

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Protein value and digestibility of Perennial Ryegrass foggage (Surault F., Betin M., Emile J.C.)

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Nutritional nitrogen excesses and risks of nitrogen pollution on a Belgian farm with indoor-housed goats (Buldgen A., Boukari A.R., Fievez V., Stilmant D.)

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High-protein crops contribute to the feed self-sufficiency of dairy herds without any adverse effect on the performances (Brunschwig P., Lamy J.M.)

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