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Les articles

Association Française pour le Production Fourragère

Les articles

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Paru en 1994 dans Fourrages n°140 (page 443 à 460)

Auteurs : Hacala S.

Co-auteurs : Pflimlin A.

Mots-clefs : bovin allaitant, ovin, fertilisation organique, fumier, lisier, exploitation agricole, enquête, bovin laitier, pratiques des agriculteurs, épandage

Résumé :

Observations were made on how farm fertilizers are used in practice on 60 farms in five regions where grazing is practiced, and with contrasted production systems (dairy cattle, suckling cattle, dairy ewes and mutton production ; stocking rates near unity except in the Basque country). The possibilities and times of spreading re influenced by the severity of the climate, certain environmental constraints, the production types and the production cycles, thus affecting the choice of buildings for stock housing and storage of excreta. The methods of fertilizer spreading are analysed (distribution between field crops and pastures, times of application…). Organic fertilizers as a rule are reserved for Spring crops (before establishment) and meadows. Grazed pastures receive well-decayed effluents, as farmers are loath to soil

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