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Agricultural Orientation Law and principle of Land Use and Management Contracts

Paru en 1999 dans Fourrages n°160 (page 447 à 455)

Auteurs : Hervieu B.

Co-auteurs :

Mots-clefs : environnement, politique agricole, prairie, France, exploitation agricole, production animale, aménagement du territoire, agriculture durable

Résumé :

The law of Agricultural Orientation (passed on 26 May 1999) gives a new meaning to the place of agriculture in the French Society of the beginning of the 21st century and secures a firm footing in the territory to it ; various measures are proposed in the following main directions : employment, equitableness, responsibility, transparency, and openness. The 'Land Use and Management Contracts' are in keeping with this project, with numerous aims : taking into account, in a comprehensive approach of a farm, not only economic (development of production chains, labels...) and social aspects (job creation), but also territorial ones (defined especially by the local communities) and environmental ones (the consideration, along with that of agricultural and food products, of non-marketable values such as water quality, scenery, and also the protection of the country heritage).

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