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Paru en 1999 dans Fourrages n°160 (page 465 à 468)

Auteurs : Béranger C.

Co-auteurs :

Mots-clefs : développement agricole, politique agricole, prairie, France, agriculture durable

Résumé :

This meeting of the AFPF on the theme 'Sustainable agriculture and the pastures' was held, as expected, in a technical way, without ideological debates, both as regards the concepts, ideas and approaches, with precise examples of actual implementation, and as regards the measures and techno-political arrangements in preparation.
The speakers and debaters emphasized the following aspects, here summarized :
- sustainable agriculture calls for a complete reconsideration ;
- grasslands are at the core of this approach ;
- concrete steps are already existing in the direction of sustainable agriculture ;
- the is a political will in France ;
- teaching, research and development are harnessed in view of this task.

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