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Production of plant oil and of oil-seed cakes on the farm : possibilities and consequences

Paru en 2006 dans Fourrages n°187 (page 329 à 342)

Auteurs : Brunschwig P.

Co-auteurs : Lamy J.M.

Mots-clefs : production laitière, bovin, complémentation, analyse économique, système d'exploitation, ration alimentaire, colza, analyse énergétique, tournesol, tourteau, autonomie, biocarburant

Résumé :

The production of oil on the farm that can be used as fuel is attractive to cattle farmers as at the same time it makes oil-seed cakes available for the feeding of their livestock. The initial motivation of improving the farm's energy self-sufficiency can thus be accompanied by that of improving its feed self-sufficiency.
There is a very great variability among the characteristics of the rape and sunflower cakes produced and utilized by some thirty cattle farmers of the Pays-de-la-Loire region, due to the different adjustments of the presses used. For a determined volume of plant oil (biological fuel) produced on the farm, the amount of oil-seed cake obtained depends on the rate of oil extraction. In the dairy systems of the lowlands with cash crops, the farmers are able to meet their fuel requirements while producing enough fatty oil-seed cakes to feed their herds for several months. In the specialized dairy systems of the lowlands (i.e. those without cash crops), the fuel requirements are smaller, and only part of the feed requirements will be met by the cakes produced. The utilization of fatty rape oil-seed cakes (with 10 or 21% fat content) as the main feed corrector for diets based on maize silage has been tested on the farm of Les Trinottières (Maine-et-Loire) ; the results were good as regards the amount and composition of the milk produced. Complementary data will be available from other trials and observations for their further validation.

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